Who We Are

About Us

Chapel Place Sports Camp (CPSC, formerly known as Ashton Meadows Sports Camp) is a community program of Chapel Place Presbyterian Church that exists to honor Jesus Christ, and to make His great love known to a generation of children and their families. We provide a loving environment for children where they can be spiritually and physically nurtured to meet their full potential.
We support families and guardians in the challenging work of raising children through mature and responsible leaders who guide and teach kids the Bible, sportsmanship, and the importance of community.

Fun Facts About Us
  • The Chapel Place Sports Camp has been running for 25 years!
  • We serve about 120 campers a week!
  • Each staff member has a Saturday morning cartoon character on their manual that reflects their personality
  • Staff members write notes of encouragement on posters in the staff room.

Why Choose Us?

Our Benefits!
  • We take care of your child
  • We train children in all kinds of sports, giving them lots of opportunities to build skills not taught in most schools
  • We help children to work together in teams and give them a sense of independence and confidence
  • We give children a competitive edge that helps them in their future goals
  • We teach children about God, and the path to true joy, hope, and peace


Bible Study